ATMEGA4809-AFR Microcontroller: Pinout, Datasheet and Features

May 17, 2024


The ATMEGA4809-AFR is a high-performance microcontroller from Microchip Technology designed to meet the needs of modern embedded applications. With its rich feature set, extensive I/O capabilities and advanced peripherals, this microcontroller is ideally suited for a wide range of applications from consumer electronics to industrial automation.



ATMEGA4809 Datasheet PDF

Download datasheet and manufacturer documentation for Microchip Technology ATMEGA4809.

ATMEGA4809-AFR Datasheet


ATMEGA4809 CAD Model

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2. Footprint



Technical specifications

1. Core Architecture

  • CPU type: 8-bit AVR RISC architecture.
  • Operating speed: up to 20 MHz, providing powerful processing power for a variety of tasks.
  • Core Features: Enhanced AVR core provides a balance between performance and power efficiency for both high-performance and low-power applications.


2. Memory

  • Flash memory: 48KB, providing enough space to store program code and important data.
  • SRAM: 6KB, supports efficient runtime data processing.
  • EEPROM: 256 bytes, suitable for storing configuration settings and other data that needs to be persisted.


3. Power management

  • Operating voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V, providing flexibility in power supply design.
  • Energy-saving mode: Includes multiple energy-saving modes, such as idle, standby and power-down, to help reduce power consumption in various operating states.


4. Input/output and peripherals

  • General Purpose I/O: 41 programmable I/O lines provide a wide range of interfacing options with sensors, actuators and other external components.
  • Analog functions:

 a. ADC: 10-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter for accurate analog signal measurements.

 b. DAC: 1-channel, 8-bit analog-to-analog converter suitable for generating analog signals.

  • Timers and Counters: 5 timer/counters with multi-channel PWM for precision timing and control applications.
  • Communication Interface:

a. USART: Up to 3 universal synchronous/asynchronous receiver-transmitter modules.

b. SPI: Serial Peripheral Interface, used for high-speed data transmission.

c. I2C: Inter-integrated circuit interface, used to communicate with multiple peripheral devices.


5. Special Function

  • Event system: Allows peripherals to communicate directly with each other without CPU intervention, reducing latency and power consumption.
  • Configurable Custom Logic (CCL): Provides programmable logic blocks that enable custom functionality, reducing the need for external components.



Due to its versatility and rich feature set, ATMEGA4809-AFR is suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Consumer Electronics: Ideal for home automation systems, smart appliances, and portable gadgets that require powerful performance and efficient power management.
  • Industrial Automation: For control systems, sensor interfaces, and machine automation, take advantage of its extensive I/O and peripheral support.
  • Automotive: Can be used in automotive applications that require reliable operation under a variety of conditions, such as infotainment systems and body electronics.
  • Medical Devices: For portable medical devices and diagnostic tools that require precise control and low power consumption.
  • IoT devices: Suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) applications that provide connectivity and control of smart devices and sensors.


ATMEGA4809 Pinout

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ATMEGA4809 Block Diagram



ATMEGA4809 Circuit



ATMEGA4809 Package

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Development and programming

ATMEGA4809-AFR is supported by a strong development ecosystem and is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers:

  • MPLAB X IDE: Microchip’s integrated development environment, providing comprehensive code development, debugging and programming tools.
  • Atmel START: An intuitive web-based tool that allows easy configuration of microcontroller peripherals and project settings.
  • Arduino IDE: The ATMEGA4809-AFR is compatible with the Arduino ecosystem, allowing rapid prototyping and development using Arduino libraries and tools.



The ATMEGA4809-AFR is available in a variety of packages, including a 48-pin QFN package for space-constrained applications. Available through major electronic component distributors, including DRex Electronics.



The ATMEGA4809-AFR microcontroller offers a comprehensive feature set and high performance, making it ideal for a wide range of embedded applications. Its combination of memory capacity, flexible I/O options and advanced peripherals ensure it can efficiently handle a variety of demanding tasks. Whether you are developing consumer electronics, industrial automation systems or IoT devices, the ATMEGA4809-AFR provides the flexibility and power you need to drive innovation. For more information or to purchase this microcontroller, visit DRex Electronics or your preferred electronic components distributor.