China high -end FPGA chip Changsha Shaoguang

February 26, 2024
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China high -end FPGA chip Changsha Shaoguang

Brief introduction

Changsha Shaoguang is a high -end FPGA chip company established in 2013 with headquarters in Changsha, Hunan.Shaoguang has been widely recognized in the industry. Its high -end FPGA chip products have been successfully applied to multiple fields, including communication, military industry, industrial control, medical care, etc.

The advantage of FPGA chip

Artix-7 FPGA

FPGA chip is a programmable logic device. Compared with conventional fixed -function chips, the FPGA chip can customize programming according to different needs. It has the advantages of flexibility, reconstruction, and high performance.

Shaoguang’s FPGA chip product

Shaoguang’s FPGA chip products mainly include two series of SG300 and SG500, which can meet the needs of different fields.Among them, the SG500 series supports a throughput of up to 10Tbps and has very powerful computing power.

Application Case-Communication Field

Shaoguang’s FPGA chip products are widely used in the field of communication.For example, China Mobile uses Shaoguang’s FPGA chip and software definition network (SDN) technology, which has successfully achieved the national unified cloud network resource allocation and management, which greatly improves network operation efficiency.

Application case-military industry field

Military equipment requires high reliability and high performance, and Shaoguang’s FPGA chip can meet this demand.For example, a type of drone system uses Shaoguang’s FPGA chip to achieve intelligent flight control and data transmission, ensuring the safe operation of drones.


Application Case-Medical Field

Shaoguang’s FPGA chip is also used in the medical field.For example, a medical equipment company uses Shaoguang’s FPGA chip to design a high -resolution ultrasound imaginger to support more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Self -controlled

As a high -end FPGA chip company in China, Shaoguang has completely autonomous intellectual property rights and has the ability to control it.This is of great significance for national information security and key areas of security.

Competition with international giants

Despite the competition of international giants, Shaoguang has obtained market recognition in many fields with the advantages of autonomy, high performance, and high reliability, and has continuously expanded new application areas.



With the continuous expansion and upgrading of my country’s information technology market, the FPGA chip market has broad prospects.As a representative of China’s high -end FPGA chip companies, Shao Guang has a very good development prospect.

in conclusion

China High -end FPGA chip Changsha Shaoguang is an enterprise with independent controllable, high -performance, high -reliability and other advantages. It has been widely used and market recognition in many fields, and has very good development prospects.