EPM7128SLI84-10N: A Versatile CPLD for Advanced Digital Designs

May 21, 2024
EPM7128SLI84 10N


The EPM7128SLI84-10N is a member of the complex programmable logic device (CPLD) from Intel (formerly Altera) MAX 7000S family. Known for its high density, low power consumption and enhanced system performance, this device is ideally suited for a variety of digital design applications. In this article, we’ll dive into the detailed technical specifications, applications, and benefits of the EPM7128SLI84-10N.


EPM7128SLI84 3D Model



EPM7128SLI84 Footprint


Technical Specifications

1. Core Architecture

  • Logic Elements (LEs): 128 macrocells provide the significant logic capacity needed to handle complex designs.
  • Operating Frequency: up to 166 MHz, supporting high-speed operation and data processing.
  • Programmable I/O Pins: 68 I/O pins provide a wide range of interfacing options to external components and systems.


2. Memory and Storage

  • Embedded Memory: Includes flash-based storage that ensures data retention even when the device loses power.
  • Configuration: Supports in-system programmability (ISP) for easy reconfiguration without removing the device from the circuit.


3. Power Consumption

  • Low Power Operation: Designed with low power consumption, suitable for battery powered and portable applications.
  • Operating Voltage: Supports 3.3V core voltage and I/O standards, compatible with a wide range of power supplies.


4. Packaging

  • Package Type: Available in 84-pin PLCC package, compact and suitable for various PCB designs.
  • Thermal Characteristics: Designed to operate over a wide temperature range ensuring reliability in industrial and commercial applications.


5. Advanced Features

  • JTAG Boundary Scan Support: Facilitates testing and debugging of devices in circuits.
  • High-speed Interconnect: Supports fast data transfer rates for high-performance applications.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Includes protection against unauthorized copying and tampering to ensure intellectual property security.



The EPM7128SLI84-10N is ideally suited for a variety of applications in a variety of industries:

1. Consumer Electronics

  • Digital Signal Processing: used in audio and video processing equipment to improve data processing and operation efficiency.
  • Home Automation: Great for controlling and interfacing with a variety of smart home devices.


2. Industrial control system

  • Automation: Plays a key role in machine control, robotics and other automated systems.
  • Monitoring System: used for systems that require precise data collection and control.


3. Communication

  • Network Equipment: Essential for developing high-speed network equipment such as routers and switches.
  • Signal Encoding/Decoding: Provides the logic required for signal encoding and decoding in communication systems.


4. Automotive

  • Infotainment Systems: Enhance the functionality of in-vehicle entertainment and information systems.
  • Control Units: Various control units for efficient management of vehicle functions.


5. Medical Devices

  • Diagnostic Equipment: For equipment requiring precise and reliable data processing.
  • Patient Monitoring: Ensure reliable operation of patient health indicators in the monitoring system.


Development and Programming

The EPM7128SLI84-10N is supported by a comprehensive development ecosystem suitable for both novice and experienced designers:

  • Quartus Prime Software: Intel’s integrated development environment provides all the tools needed for design entry, simulation, synthesis, and programming.
  • Hardware Description Language (HDL): Supports VHDL and Verilog, allowing designers to implement complex logic functions.
  • Evaluation Kits: Development kits are provided to aid rapid prototyping and testing.



The EPM7128SLI84-10N CPLD provides a reliable solution for complex digital designs with its high logic capacity, low power consumption and diverse application potential. Whether you are developing consumer electronics, industrial automation systems, or advanced communications systems, this device provides the flexibility and performance you need to meet your design goals. For more information and technical support about the EPM7128SLI84-10N, please visit DRex Electronics, your trusted partner for high-quality electronic components.