Exploring ATMEGA328P-AU: A Core Component for Embedded Applications

May 16, 2024


ATMEGA328P-AU is a highly flexible and widely used microcontroller launched by Microchip Technology (formerly Atmel). As the core driver of the popular Arduino Uno, this microcontroller is known for its optimal balance of power, performance, and size, making it the preferred choice for a wide range of embedded system applications. Its reliability and powerful feature set can meet the needs of complex professional projects, as well as the simplicity requirements of education and amateur projects.



ATMEGA328P Datasheet PDF

Download datasheet and manufacturer documentation for Microchip Technology ATMEGA328P-AU.



1. Symbol



2. Footprint



Technical Specifications

1. Core and Architecture

  • CPU type: 8-bit AVR
  • Maximum clock speed: 20 MHz
  • Architecture: High performance, low-power AVR ® 8-bit microcontroller


2. Memory

  • Flash memory: 32KB system programmable flash memory
  • SRAM: 2KB, providing space for variables and intermediate calculation data
  • EEPROM: 1KB, used to store data that must be retained between power cycles, as set by the user


3. USB connectivity

Unlike the ATMEGA32U4 series, the ATMEGA328P does not include built-in USB functionality and typically requires an external converter such as FT232R for USB communication.


4. I/O and Peripherals

  • GPIO: 23 programmable I/O cables
  • ADC: 6-channel, 10 bit analog-to-digital converter, very suitable for reading sensor inputs
  • Timer: Three flexible timers/counters, including one 16 bit timer and two 8-bit timers
  • Communication interface: Provide complete USART, SPI, and I2C serial interfaces


5. Power consumption efficiency

  • Energy saving mode: including idle, ADC noise reduction, power-saving, power-off, and standby modes


6. Advanced features

  • Interrupt and pin change wake-up: effectively manage events and save power through interrupt driven programming and wake-up functions
  • External and internal oscillator options: Provides flexible clock options, supporting external crystals up to 20 MHz



The versatility of ATMEGA328P-AU makes it suitable for a wide range of application areas:

  • Consumer electronics: commonly used in home automation systems, gaming devices, and personal fitness equipment.
  • Automotive: Suitable for non critical in car electronic devices that require USB interface functionality, such as entertainment systems or car alarm systems.
  • Industrial: A system used to control sensors, small robots, and other automation equipment.
  • Wearable technology: Its low power consumption and compact size make it very suitable for wearable and small devices.
  • DIY Project and Education: As the core of the Arduino Uno board, ATMEGA328P is very suitable for educational purposes, prototyping, and DIY electronic projects because it is easy to use and has extensive community support.


ATMEGA328P-AU Pinout



ATMEGA328P-AU Schematic



ATMEGA328P-AU Block Diagram



ATMEGA328P-AU Package



Programming and Development

ATMEGA328P-AU supports development through the Arduino IDE and Atmel Studio, making it easy for programmers from hobbyists to professional developers to develop applications. It can be programmed through external programmers and supports system programming for updates and debugging.



ATMEGA328P-AU offers TQFP (Thin Four Plane Package) packaging, which is very suitable for space limited designs and can be purchased through most electronic component distributors, including DRex Electronics.



The ATMEGA328P-AU microcontroller is the cornerstone of the field of microcontrollers, known for its powerful processing power, wide range of peripherals, and flexibility in various applications. Whether you are building simple amateur projects or developing complex professional embedded systems, ATMEGA328P-AU provides a reliable foundation to meet your electronic project needs.
For developers looking for reliable and powerful microcontrollers, ATMEGA328P-AU provides the necessary features to drive project success. To learn more about this microcontroller or start purchasing for your next project, please consult experts or visit distributors like DRex Electronics, where comprehensive support and resources are provided.