FPGA chip list

March 22, 2024
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What is FPGA chip

The FPGA chip is called the Field Programmable Gate Array, which means the programmable door array.It is a programmable logic chip that can realize various logic functions by re -programming.Compared with the ASIC (special integrated circuit) chip, the FPGA chip has the advantages of strong flexibility, short development cycle, and low cost.

FPGA chip structure

The main components of FPGA chips include programmable logic units (CLB), input/output unit (IOB), clock management unit (BUFG), digital signal processing unit (DSP), etc.Each part is connected through programmable interconnect resources (connection box).

The advantages and disadvantages of FPGA chip

The advantages of FPGA chips are strong flexibility, good reconstruction, short development cycle, and low cost; the disadvantage is that the resource utilization rate is low, the power consumption is high, and the speed is slow.Therefore, you need to weigh various factors when choosing a chip.

The application field of FPGA chip

FPGA chips are widely used in digital signal processing, video processing, computer network, power electronics, medical electronics, industrial control and other fields.Because of its programming and dynamicity, FPGA has also become an important part of artificial intelligence, deep learning and other fields.

Representative manufacturer of FPGA chip

Representatives of FPGA chips include Xilinx, Altera (Intel), Lattice, ACTEL (Microsemi), etc.Xilinx and Altera are the leaders of the FPGA market, and the two companies have occupied most of the FPGA market.


FPGA chip type

The FPGA chip can be divided into two types: SRAM FPGA and Antifuse FPGA according to the architecture.According to the capacity, it can be divided into three types: low -density FPGA, medium density FPGA and high -density FPGA.

FPGA chip performance parameters

The performance parameters of the FPGA chip include the number of logical units, the capacity of the storage unit, the number of hard cores, the number of IO, the clock frequency, etc.The data provided by the manufacturer can be used as an indicator of different models.

FPGA chip development tool

The development tools for FPGA chips include Vivado, Quartus, Diamond, etc.These tools provide full -process support from design, debugging to burning, which can improve development efficiency and design quality.


Price and selection suggestion of FPGA chip

There is a large difference between the price and model of the FPGA chip, and it is necessary to comprehensively consider according to factors such as application scenarios, performance requirements, and development tools.It is recommended that when selecting FPGA chips, consider factors such as product quality, maintenance services, and technical support, and choose manufacturers and models with well -known and brand guarantee.


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, FPGA chips will become more and more important, and will play a more important role in future application scenarios.