How to clean the FPGA chip

April 2, 2024
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How to clean the FPGA chip


FPGA chip is a programmable logic device that is usually used to develop advanced hardware applications.These chips are usually installed on embedded systems, servers, cloud computing environments and other devices.Due to long -term use or seasonal replacement, the surface of the FPGA chip will accumulate pollutants such as dust, fog gas.This article will introduce how to clean up the FPGA chip to ensure that its work is normal and lasting.


Before starting to clean up the FPGA chip, make sure you are ready for the following materials:


Food -grade waterless alcohol

Soft brush

Clean paper towel

Turn off the power and disassemble

Before cleaning up the FPGA chip, turn off the power and disassemble the device as required.This can ensure your safety and the possibility of reducing damage.

Cleaning shell

First of all, gently wipe the shell of the FPGA chip with clean soft cloth or clean paper towels to remove dust and other dirt.


Gently wipe the surface of the FPGA chip.This can help remove some stains and slight scratches.Do not use too thick rubber or too hard rubber to avoid scratching the surface of the FPGA chip.


Clean up with soft hair brush

If there are stubborn stains on the surface of the FPGA chip, you can use a soft brush for cleaning.Do not use a brush with a hard brush or too hard to avoid causing the chip surface scratches or damage.

Wipe with wine

Wipe the FPGA chip surface with food -grade water -free alcohol.This can clean the surface of the chip very thoroughly and will not leave any residues on the surface.Please do not use acid or other chemicals with alcohol clean chip surface to avoid chip damage.


After cleaning the FPGA chip, you need to wait for it to dry naturally.Do not use thermal equipment such as hair dryers to accelerate the drying of the chip to avoid any damage or adverse reactions.


double check

Before re -assembling the device, make sure that there is no dirt and dust on the FPGA chip.If there are stains on the surface, repeat the above steps.

in conclusion

Cleaning the FPGA chip can ensure its normal operation and improve its life.It needs regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid accumulating too much dirt.At the same time, use appropriate tools and materials to clean to avoid any damage or adverse reactions.