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Kintex-7 FPGA

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Kintex-7 FPGA Family

With the introduction of the world’s first 28nm FPGAs, Xilinx gives designers the broadest range of programmable platforms including the versatility of a new class of devices. Doubling the price performance and cutting power consumption and cost in half makes the Xilinx Kintex™-7 FPGAs the choice for today’s fast-growth applications such as wireless communications. Designers can take advantage of a family of devices with exceptional performance and connectivity, at price points previously limited to only the highest-volume applications.

Kintex-7 FPGAs let designers build in superior bandwidth and 12-bit digitally programmable analog while meeting cost and power requirements. Unprecedented 144GMACS digital signal processor(DSP) power makes the versatile Kintex-7 devices an excellent option for applications such as portable ultrasound equipment and next-generation communications. Kintex-7 FPGAs deliver peak serial bandwidth (full duplex) of 800Gbps and include CPRI/OBSAI IP cores (9.8Gbps) optimized for today’s distributed baseband architectures. The programmable Kintex-7 devices can also be easily reconfigured to support multiple air interfaces such as LTE, WiMAX, and WCDMA. For interfacing to host systems, the Kintex-7 FPGA family provides built-in support for eight channels of PCI Express (Gen1/Gen2).


  • A new class of device, with twice the price performance at a lower price point
  • 28nm high- metal gate (HKMG) process technology and a High-Performance, LowPower (HPL) approach that drive up power efficiency
  • A balanced design, optimized and packaged for performance, power, cost, and time to market for high-growth applications
  • The flexibility and time-savings of programmability and Targeted Design Platforms, for lower development time and costs
  • Unified architecture with AMBA® Advanced extensible Interface 4 (AXI4) for plug-and-play IP that facilitates reuse and portability
  • Part of the industry’s most versatile series for fast, easy retargeting to higher-density or lower-cost devices

Product Advantage

Kintex®-7 FPGAs provide your designs with exceptional price/performance/watt at 28nm while giving you high DSP ratios, cost-effective packaging, and support for mainstream standards like PCIe® Gen3 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The Kintex-7 family is ideal for applications including 3G and 4G wireless, flat panel displays, and video over IP solutions.

What are the devices of Kintex-7 FPGA?

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