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Spartan-7 FPGA

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Spartan-7 FPGA Family

The Spartan-7 family complements Artix®-7 FPGAs and Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoCs to introduce a new, lower-cost entry point into the Xilinx 7 series portfolio, delivering the best value for its target applications.

If your power or performance requirements are just as challenging as your cost, look to Spartan®-7 FPGAs. Manufactured with TSMC’s 28nm HPL process, this family brings together the extensive capabilities of the Xilinx 7 series FPGA architecture with the small form factor and RoHS-compliant packaging for the most optimized connectivity solution in the 7 series portfolio. The efficient 7 series CLB architecture, enhanced DSP, and block RAM enable a roughly 50% power reduction vs. previous Spartan families, while at the same time delivering a 30% performance improvement. The MicroBlaze™ 32-bit RISC processor delivers 200DMIPs of processing power on a Spartan-7 device. Spartan-7 devices enable key connectivity and processing applications in industrial, automotive, infotainment, consumer, and communications markets, among others.


  • Industry-leading performance per-watt at the lowest cost; half the power of previous devices with 30% more performance
  • 200DMIPs of processing power, plus drag n’ drop peripherals with MicroBlaze soft processor
  • Cost efficient connectivity solution for both legacy and cutting-edge interfaces
  • RoHS 6/6 compliant packaging options as small as 8mm
  • Comprehensive device security and environmental monitoring
  • Scalable across the industries broadest All Programmable Cost-Optimized Portfolio
  • Q temperature grade (–40°C to +125°C) on all commercial devices

Product Advantage

Spartan®-7 devices, the newest addition to the Cost-Optimized Portfolio, offer exceptional performance per watt, along with small form factor packaging to meet the most stringent requirements. These devices feature a MicroBlaze™ soft processor running over 200 DMIPs with 800Mb/s DDR3 support built on 28nm technology. Additionally, Spartan-7 devices offer an integrated ADC, dedicated security features, and Q-grade (-40°C to +125°C) on all commercial devices. These devices are ideally suited for industrial, consumer, and automotive applications including any-to-any connectivity, sensor fusion, and embedded vision.

What are the devices of Spartan-7 FPGA?

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