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Spartan-II FPGA

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Spartan-II FPGA Family

The Spartan®-II Field-Programmable Gate Array family gives users a high performance, abundant logic resources, and a rich feature set, all at an exceptionally low price. The six-member family offers densities ranging from 15,000 to 200,000 system gates. System performance is supported up to 200 MHz. Features include block RAM (to 56K bits), distributed RAM (to 75,264 bits), 16 selectable I/O standards, and four DLLs. Fast, predictable interconnect means that successive design iterations continue to meet timing requirements.
The Spartan-II family is a superior alternative to mask-programmed ASICs. The FPGA avoids the initial cost, lengthy development cycles, and inherent risk of conventional ASICs. Also, FPGA programmability permits design upgrades in the field with no hardware replacement necessary (impossible with ASICs).
The Spartan-II family of FPGAs have a regular, flexible, programmable architecture of Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs), surrounded by a perimeter of programmable Input/Output Blocks (IOBs). There are four Delay-Locked Loops (DLLs), one at each corner of the die. Two columns of block RAM lie on opposite sides of the die, between the CLBs and the IOB columns. These functional elements are interconnected by a powerful hierarchy of versatile routing channels.


  • Second-generation ASIC replacement technology
  • Densities as high as 5,292 logic cells with up to 200,000 system gates
  • 16 bits/LUT distributed RAM, Configurable 4K bit block RAM, Fast interfaces to external RAM
  • Versatile I/O and packaging
  • Core logic powered at 2.5V and I/Os powered at 1.5V, 2.5V, or 3.3V
  • Fully supported by powerful Xilinx® ISE® development system

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