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Virtex-4 FPGA

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Virtex-4 FPGA Family

Combining Advanced Silicon Modular Block (ASMBL™) architecture with a wide variety of flexible features, the Virtex®-4 family from Xilinx greatly enhances programmable logic design capabilities, making it a powerful alternative to ASIC technology. Virtex-4 FPGAs comprise three platform families—LX, FX, and SX offering multiple feature choices and combinations to address all complex applications. The wide array of Virtex-4 FPGA hard-IP core blocks includes the PowerPC® processors (with a new APU interface), tri-mode Ethernet MACs, 622 Mb/s to 6.5 Gb/s serial transceivers, dedicated DSP slices, high-speed clock management circuitry, and source-synchronous interface blocks. The basic Virtex-4 FPGA building blocks are enhancements of those found in the popular Virtex, Virtex-E, Virtex-II, Virtex-II Pro, and Virtex-II Pro X product families, so previous-generation designs are upward compatible. Virtex-4 devices are produced on a state-of-the-art 90 nm copper process using 300 mm (12-inch) wafer technology.


  • Xesium™ Clock Technology
  • XtremeDSP™ Slice
  • Smart RAM Memory Hierarchy
  • SelectIO™ Technology
  • Flexible Logic Resources
  • Secure Chip AES Bitstream Encryption
  • 90 nm Copper CMOS Process
  • 1.2V Core Voltage
  • Flip-Chip Packaging including Pb-Free Package Choices
  • RocketIO™ 622 Mb/s to 6.5 Gb/s Multi-Gigabit Transceiver (MGT) [FX only]
  • IBM PowerPC RISC Processor Core [FX only]
  • Multiple Tri-Mode Ethernet MACs [FX only]

What are the devices of Virtex-4 FPGA?

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