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Intel and Altera merged in 2015 to form the Intel Programmable Solutions Group, which combines the strengths of both companies in the field of FPGA technology. Intel is a leader in the CPU market and has a strong presence in the data center market, while Altera is a leading provider of FPGA technology used in a variety of applications such as networking, industrial automation, and military systems.

One of the core technologies of Intel’s CPUs is their ability to deliver high performance while consuming low power. This is achieved through Intel’s advanced manufacturing process technology, which enables the creation of small and power-efficient transistors. In addition, Intel’s CPUs also include features such as multiple cores, hyper-threading, and advanced instruction sets, which can further enhance the performance and capabilities of the CPU.

On the other hand, Altera’s FPGA technology offers customers a high level of flexibility and customization, which is particularly useful for applications that require high performance and low power consumption. Altera’s FPGA technology includes features such as embedded processors, high-speed serial interfaces, and advanced memory interfaces, which can further enhance the performance and capabilities of the FPGA. Additionally, Altera’s software tools offer a range of tools and libraries that can help customers optimize their FPGA design and ensure that it meets their performance and power requirements.

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