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Altera is now part of Intel. Intel offers FPGAs, SoCs, CPLDs, and complementary technologies, such as power solutions, to provide high-value solutions to customers worldwide.
Intel® FPGAs offer a wide variety of configurable embedded SRAM, high-speed transceivers, high-speed I/Os, logic blocks, and routing. Built-in intellectual property (IP) combined with outstanding software tools lower FPGA development time, power, and cost.
Altera provides a wide range of FPGAs, from low-cost, low-power devices to high-density, high-bandwidth devices. SoCs. System-on-chip (SoC) devices combine FPGA flexibility with an ARM-based microprocessor. CPLDs. Complex programmable logic devices are low-cost, non-volatile devices that integrate multiple components. The number and type of hard processors within an SoC FPGA are also fixed as a function of that particular SoC FPGA. Altera® offers hard processors in Intel® Stratix® 10 SoC FPGA, Intel® Arria® 10 SoC FPGA, Arria® V SoC FPGA, and Cyclone® V SoC FPGA families

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