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Cyclone IV FPGA

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Cyclone IV FPGA Family

Altera’s new Cyclone® IV FPGA device family extends the Cyclone FPGA series leadership in providing the market’s lowest-cost, lowest-power FPGAs, now with a transceiver variant. Cyclone IV devices are targeted to high-volume, cost-sensitive applications, enabling system designers to meet increasing bandwidth requirements while lowering costs.
Built on an optimized low-power process, the Cyclone IV device family offers the following two variants:
* Cyclone IV E—lowest power, high functionality with the lowest cost
* Cyclone IV GX—lowest power and lowest cost FPGAs with 3.125 Gbps transceivers
Providing power and cost savings without sacrificing performance, along with a low-cost integrated transceiver option, Cyclone IV devices are ideal for low-cost, small-form-factor applications in the wireless, wireline, broadcast, industrial, consumer, and communications industries.


  • Low-cost, low-power FPGA fabric
  • 6K to 150K logic elements
  • Up to 6.3 Mb of embedded memory
  • Up to 360 18 × 18 multipliers for DSP processing intensive applications
  • Protocol bridging applications for under 1.5 W total power
  • Cyclone IV GX devices offer up to eight high-speed transceivers
  • Cyclone IV GX devices offer dedicated hard IP for PCI Express (PIPE) (PCIe)
  • Cyclone IV GX devices offer a wide range of protocol support
  • Up to 532 user I/Os
  • LVDS interfaces up to 840 Mbps transmitter (Tx), 875 Mbps Rx
  • Support for DDR2 SDRAM interfaces up to 200 MHz
  • Support for QDRII SRAM and DDR SDRAM up to 167 MHz
  • Up to eight phase-locked loops (PLLs) per device
  • Offered in commercial and industrial temperature grades

What are the devices of Cyclone IV FPGA?

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