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Lattice Semiconductor

CrossLink FPGA Family

CrossLink™ from Lattice Semiconductor is a programmable video bridging device that supports a variety of protocols and interfaces for mobile image sensors and displays. The device is based on Lattice mobile FPGA 40-nm technology. It combines the extreme flexibility of an FPGA with the low power, low cost, and small footprint of an ASIC.
CrossLink supports video interfaces including MIPI® DPI, MIPI DBI, CMOS camera and display interfaces, OpenLDI, FPD-Link, FLATLINK, MIPI D-PHY, MIPI CSI-2, MIPI DSI, SLVS200, subLVDS, HiSPi and more.


  • Ultra-low power
  • Sleep Mode Support
  • Normal Operation – From 5 mW to 150 mW
  • 5936 LUTs, 180 Kb block RAM, and 47 Kb distributed RAM
  • Two hardened 4-lane MIPI D-PHY interfaces
  • 3.3 V, 2.5 V, 1.8 V and 1.2 V (outputs)

What are the devices of CrossLink FPGA?

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