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iCE40 Ultra/UltraLite

Lattice Semiconductor

iCE40 Ultra/UltraLite FPGA Family

iCE40 Ultra™/UltraLite™ family from Lattice Semiconductor is an optimum logic, smallest footprint, low I/O count ultra-low power FPGA and sensor manager. It is designed for ultra-low power mobile applications, such as smartphones, tablets and hand-held devices. The iCE40 Ultra/UltraLite family includes integrated blocks to interface with virtually all mobile sensors and application processors. The iCE40 Ultra/UltraLite family also features two on-chip oscillators, 10 kHz and 48 MHz.
The LFOSC (10 kHz) is ideal for low power function in always-on applications, while HFOSC (48 MHz) can be used for awaken activities.


  • Advanced 40 nm low power process
  • As low as 71 µA standby current typical(iCE40 Ultra)
  • Up to 80 kbits sysMEM™ Embedded Block RAM(iCE40 Ultra)
  • Three devices with 1100 to 3520 LUTs(iCE40 Ultra)
  • Two devices with 640 or 1K LUTs(iCE40 UltraLite)
  • Typical 35 µA standby current which equals 42 uW standby power consumption(iCE40 UltraLite)
  • Up to 56 kbits sysMEM™ Embedded Block RAM(iCE40 UltraLite)
  • Offered in WLCS, ucfBGA and QFN packages


  • Smartphones
  • Tablets and Consumer Handheld Devices
  • Handheld Commercial and Industrial Devices
  • Multi Sensor Management Applications
  • IR Remote, Barcode Emulator
  • RGB Light Control
  • Sensor Pre-processing and Sensor Fusion
  • Always-On Sensor Applications
  • USB 3.1 Type C Cable Detect/Power Delivery Applications

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