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Microchip Technology is a global leader in the semiconductor industry, specializing in microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog, and Flash-IP solutions. The company’s broad range of products are widely used across various industries, including automotive, consumer, industrial, and aerospace, among others.
In 2016, Microchip Technology completed its acquisition of Atmel Corporation, a leading provider of microcontroller and touch solutions. The acquisition expanded Microchip’s product portfolio and enabled the company to offer a wider range of products and services to its customers. Additionally, the acquisition strengthened Microchip’s market position, allowing the company to offer a more comprehensive suite of solutions to its customers.
In 2018, Microchip Technology acquired Microsemi Corporation, merging the two companies into one entity. This acquisition expanded Microchip Technology’s product line, including high-reliability products and high-performance analog circuits. Additionally, the acquisition made Microchip Technology a larger company, a more comprehensive semiconductor manufacturer with a broader product line.

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