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NXP Semiconductors

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NXP Semiconductors is a global leader in secure connectivity solutions for the automotive, industrial, and mobile industries. NXP’s product portfolio is focused on three main areas: secure connections, secure infrastructure, and secure devices.

At the heart of NXP’s technology is its expertise in secure connectivity, including wireless, automotive, and IoT. NXP’s wireless solutions enable secure communication between devices, while its automotive networking solutions offer reliable and efficient communication between electronic control units. Additionally, NXP’s IoT connectivity solutions facilitate low-power wireless communication in smart homes and buildings.

In 2018, NXP acquired Freescale Semiconductor, a leading provider of automotive and industrial semiconductor solutions. With Freescale’s expertise in microcontroller units (MCUs) and sensors, NXP has expanded its product portfolio, strengthened its presence in the US market, and enhanced its ability to provide innovative and secure solutions for various industries.

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