Global Semiconductor Industry in 2022
3 Keywords for the Global Semiconductor Industry in 2022

Under the global shock of COVID-19 and the trend of economic decline, the sales situation of the global semiconductor industry seems to be getting worse and worse. DRex Electronics shares the specific situation of the semiconductor industry in recent years in this article. In 2022, the global semiconductor industry can be summarized by three keywords: Reverse Globalization, Market Decline, Layoffs

Embedded FPGA
What is Embedded FPGA (eFPGA)?

An embedded FPGA (eFPGA) is an FPGA that is integrated into a system on a chip (SoC). This allows for the FPGA to be embedded into applications or systems, offering better performance, flexibility, and versatility.

FPGA Vs. Microcontroller
Which is better FPGA or microcontroller?

Microcontroller: In an integrated circuit chip integrated microprocessor (CPU), memory (ROM and RAM), I/O interface, timer, interrupt system and other circuits, thus forming a single chip microcomputer, also called a microcontroller (MCU).