What is the difference between FPGA and general chips

March 23, 2024
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What is FPGA chip?

FPGA chip is a programmable logic chip, which can be flexibly changed by programming.The FPGA chip occupies an important position in the electronic component industry. It is widely used in digital circuit design, such as software and hardware collaborative design, digital signal processing, image processing, etc.FPGA chip is one of the common devices in modern electronic products.

What is the difference between FPGA chips and ordinary chips?

Different from ordinary ASIC chips (the chip product obtained directly from the fixed logic circuit to the chip product), the FPGA chip can customize various applicable logic circuits by writing software for application requirements, that is, the user is designed and generated.After performing the file (also the binary stream), it can be configured in the FPGA chip to form a very flexible circuit structure.

Why is FPGA chip more flexible than ASIC chips?

Once the ASIC chip is designed and manufactured, its circuit structure is difficult to modify. If the subsequent application scenarios have changed, you need to redesign the manufacturing chip.The circuit structure of the FPGA chip can be flexibly changed by programming, which makes the FPGA chip has strong flexibility and can adapt to different application scenarios.

What is the difference between FPGA chip and microcontroller?

FPGA chips and microcontrollers can be regarded as two completely different technologies.Micro -controller is a dedicated computer chip that can perform a series of specific operations, such as controlling motors and emitting infrared rays.The FPGA chip can be randomly programmed by the user according to application requirements, and the FPGA chip can be used with a microcontroller to achieve fine control of the microcontroller through software programming.

What is the internal composition of the FPGA chip?

The internal FPGA chip is composed of modules such as the search table (LUT), register, arithmetic logic unit (ALU), multi -router and triggers.The search table can realize the programming of logical circuits. The register can realize data storage and other functions. The arithmetic logic unit can perform arithmetic operations. Multilaterals can achieve the selection of data signals, and the trigger can realize the timing circuit and other functions.


What is the advantage of the FPGA chip?

Compared with the traditional non -programmable circuit represented by ASIC, the FPGA chip has strong flexibility and can be programmed according to customer needs.In addition, the production cycle of FPGA chips is short and low in cost, and the product upgrade speed is also very fast.These advantages have made FPGA chips widely applied in the electronics industry.

What are the fields of FPGA chips?

FPGA chips are applied in digital signals, analog signals, communication, and control.For example, in the field of digital signal processing, FPGA chips can be used in coding, modulation, decoding, etc.; In the field of robot control, FPGA chips can be used to control the movement and perception of robots;, Decomposition and processing functions.

What are the disadvantages of FPGA chips?

Although the FPGA chip has strong flexibility, its hardware resources are limited, and the problem of resource occupation should be considered appropriately when used.In addition, the FPGA chip has a large power consumption and its application threshold is relatively high. It needs to involve more complicated circuit design and language writing technologies.


What is the future development direction of the FPGA chip?

The advantage of FPGA chips in the field of application is obvious, and it will still have high development potential in the future.With the improvement of equipment intelligence and the advancement of communication technology, the demand for FPGA chips will be further increased, and the application field will be more extensive.At the same time, the performance of the FPGA chip will be further improved, and the power consumption and cost will be further reduced.


In general, the FPGA chip is a very flexible and wide range of application electronic devices. It has broad prospects and markets in different application areas.Although the application technology of FPGA chips is high, with the continuous improvement of technology, the application prospects of FPGA chips will be wider in the future.