What part of the FPGA chip is composed of

March 7, 2024
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FPGA chip (FPGA: Field Programmable Gate Array) is a type of integrated circuit. It can freely customize the circuit function by programming.Compared with other fixed circuit models such as ASIC, the FPGA chip can be re -configured according to different application scenarios and needs, which has the advantages of flexibility, reuse, and short test cycle.

FPGA chip composition

Programming logic unit (PLD)

Spartan-6 FPGA

The programmable logic unit (PLD) is the core part of the FPGA chip and one of its main components.PLD is composed of multiple programmable logic unit blocks, and each logical unit block is composed of multiple triggers, search tables, multi -choice devices and other basic logic doors.By configured these PLD cell blocks, the function of complex circuits is achieved.

Advocated connection resources (interconnect)

Compared with other fixed circuit models such as ASIC, the FPGA chip can reconstruct the connection resources, which greatly increases the scalability of the FPGA chip.The programmable connection materials of the FPGA chip mainly include a programmable switch array, clock group, and a small amount of specific functional structure.

Input/output circuit (IO)

The FPGA chip contains multiple input and output tube feet (IO). Developers can configure these pipes and connect to external devices and FPGA chips to achieve information input output and control.

Memory unit (Memory)

Memory (Memory) is an important part of the FPGA chip. It can store data and programs and provide data read and write functions.The FPGA chip mainly contains two memory: distributed memory and block RAM memory.

Digital signal processor (DSP)

Digital signal processor (DSP) is a collaborator for digital signal processing. In the FPGA chip, it can significantly improve the efficiency of signal processing by providing some dedicated blocks and reduce system delays.


Clock resources

Clock resources are an important part of the FPGA chip. It provides clock generators and clock distributors to generate and assign clock signals.FPGA usually uses PLL (locked loop) and DCM (digital clock manager) to control the clock.

Global resources

Global resources include global clocks, global reset signals, power management and other modules. They jointly handle global tasks and various projects connected to the global connection.

Programming Tools

Programming tools are an essential part of the FPGA chip. For developers, programming tools determine the quality and use experience of the FPGA chip.At present, the commonly used FPGA programming tools are: ISE, Quartus, Vivado, etc.


Application field

FPGA chips are widely used in the fields of communication, computer, digital signal processing, embedded systems, such as: video signal processor, satellite communication, high -speed data collection and processing.

in conclusion

Through the analysis of FPGA chips, we can find that the flexibility, reuse, and short test cycle of FPGA chips will bring huge advantages to enterprise product development and marketing.Therefore, the FPGA chip has extensive application prospects and market demand.