What should I do if the FPGA chip is burned out?

April 3, 2024
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What is FPGA chip?

FPGA chip (Field Programmable Gate Array) is an integrated circuit that consists of logical units and interconnect channels, and can be replaced to realize specific circuits.Compared with the ASIC chip, FPGA chips have higher flexibility, can make faster design iterative iterations, and can be more easily repaired and improved.

Why does the FPGA chip burn out?

Although the FPGA chip is highly flexible and reconstructed, due to its complex design structure and dense logic elements, sometimes the chip is damaged or burned by factors such as voltage fluctuations, short circuit, and static discharge.

Cyclone IV FPGA

Burning the performance of the FPGA chip

The burned FPGA chip may be manifested as an unprocessed, unable to start, and no output signal.In some serious cases, the burn chip even explodes.

How to prevent FPGA chips from burning?

In order to avoid damage to FPGA chips, some preventive measures need to be taken.For example, when designing circuits, we need to consider reasonable layout, anti -static protection measures, appropriate power supply and heat dissipation measures.

How to detect whether the FPGA chip is burned out?

Detecting bad FPGA chips requires special detection instruments, such as professional JTAG debugging tools.Before the test, the basic failure step is needed to check whether the connection of the device is correct and check whether the power supply is normal.


How to repair the broken FPGA chip?

Under normal circumstances, the burning FPGA chip is difficult to repair, and new chips need to be replaced.When replacing the chip, you need to pay attention to whether the brand, model and version of the new chip are consistent with the original chip. At the same time, you need to operate carefully to avoid damage during the replacement process.

Alternative scheme: Use FPGA programmer

In addition to replacing the chip, FPGA programmers can also be repaired.The FPGA programmer is a device that can directly programming and configured the FPGA chip. It can reload the FPGA chip program to the chip to restore the chip to normal work.


Seeking the help of professionals

If the above method cannot solve the problem or requires more in -depth technical support, it is recommended to seek the help of professionals.Professionals can provide more accurate problem positioning and solutions, and can also reduce the risk of secondary damage.


Although the FPGA chip is easily burned out by factors such as voltage fluctuations, short circuit, static discharge, etc., it can effectively avoid and reduce the risk of damage when using appropriate protection measures and timely measures after damage.If you encounter a problem, you can use the FPGA programmer to repair, or seek the help of professionals to help you return to normal work more quickly.In the normal use process, we need to pay attention to safe and cautious operations to avoid secondary damage.

Professional protection measures and timely maintenance are effective ways to avoid damage to FPGA chips.