Where can I check the price of FPGA chip

March 11, 2024
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Where can I check the price of FPGA chip

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip is one of the programmable logic devices. It is widely used in communication, military, aerospace, industrial control and other fields. Due to the characteristics of repeated programming, it has made it widely used in product research and development.However, there is a huge difference in the price of FPGA chips. How to quickly and accurately find the price of the FPGA chip?Below, several common query methods will be introduced.

1. Official website query

Most FPGA chip brands such as Intel and Xilinx will announce chip prices on their official website. Enter the chip model by querying the function on its official website to quickly find its market price.

Cyclone III FPGA

2. Third -party e -commerce platform query

In addition to the official website, some third -party e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, JD.com, and Suning can also query the price information of the FPGA chip.Just enter the chip model in the search box to quickly find the market price of the corresponding model.

3. Factory quotation order query

Some FPGA chip manufacturers will regularly release the quotation form, which will list in detail the market price, procurement price and other information of each chip model. Users can learn about the market in time by subscribing or focusing on the manufacturer’s quotation form.

4. Third -party IC information website query

Some professional electronic information websites such as IC380 and IC forces provide FPGA chip price information query services. Users only need to enter the chip model in the website to quickly find the market price.


5. Consultation sales channel

If you need to buy a FPGA chip, you can consult the chip price directly through the sales channel.These sales channels are usually partners recognized by chip brands, which can provide users with the latest chip market offers.

6. Inquiry website query

Some professional inquiry websites such as Daylon can provide FPGA chip prices inquiry services, and can publish user inquiry information to multiple electronic components procurement websites, allowing more manufacturers to give off.

7. Information exchange platform query

There are a large number of technical exchange platforms related to FPGA on the Internet. Users can interact with electronic enthusiasts, chip professionals, etc. through these platforms to understand the price information of market conditions and related chips.


8. Professional report analysis

For some FPGA chips, it is difficult to find accurate price information on the market. At this time, you can refer to related professional report analysis, such as IC Insights, IC Analysis, TrendForce, etc.

In general, the electronic chip market has fluctuated, and the accuracy of chip price information is difficult to completely guarantee.Therefore, before buying, it is best to check and compare the market in multiple channels.The latest market market of FPGA chips can not only be obtained on the e -commerce platform, but also needs to be widely consult and understand.