Where is the chip in the FPGA program?

March 14, 2024
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Where is the chip in the FPGA program?


In the modern electronics industry, the FPGA chip is a widely used chip type.It not only has the advantages of high computing efficiency, stable performance, and low power consumption, but also can personalize design according to the user’s needs.So, where does the FPGA program exist in the chip?This article will answer this question.

FPGA chip structure

Artix-7 FPGA

FPGA chips are usually composed of three parts: logical unit, storage unit, and I/O port.Among them, the logical unit is mainly used to perform basic logic operations, the storage unit is responsible for storing data, and port I/O is used to communicate with the outside world.

FPGA program exists in logical unit

FPGA programs are usually written in HDL language, and this language can be identified by FPGA chips.The well -written program will be recorded in the logical unit through algorithm and other processing, and the chip can perform the corresponding operation according to the instruction of the program.

FPGA program design process

When programming the FPGA chip, it is generally necessary to pass HDL code writing, simulation, comprehensive, layout wiring and other stages.The well -written program code will be burned into the logical unit in the final layout wiring, and then the FPGA chip can work normally.

FPGA programmable

The FPGA chip is programmable, which can be personalized according to the user’s needs.This means that during the process of FPGA programming, users can customize the logical unit according to their needs.Therefore, the recording position of the program is also flexible.


FPGA’s usage scenario

FPGA chips are widely used in digital signal processing, high -speed image processing, automation control, communication and other fields.Of course, some Internet companies use FPGA chips to build high -performance servers.

FPGA chip and ASIC chip

FPGA chips and ASIC chips are two different chips.ASIC chip is a fixed -function chip that cannot be modified.The FPGA chip is programmable, and users can modify the function of the chip.ASIC chip has high performance, but its development cost is high, suitable for large -scale production.FPGA chips are suitable for small and medium -sized production.

The price of FPGA chip

The price of the FPGA chip is cheaper than the ASIC chip, but it is more expensive than the traditional microprocessor and microcontroller.However, with the continuous development of FPGA chips and the continuous expansion of production scale, the price of FPGA chips is gradually declining.


The development prospects of FPGA chip

At present, the development prospects of FPGA chips are very broad.Due to the characteristics of stable performance and low power consumption, FPGA chips have wide application prospects in the fields of digital signal processing and high -speed image processing.With the continuous development of technology, it can be expected that the application field of FPGA chips will be more widely used.


This article introduces the problem where the FPGA program exists in the chip, that is, the FPGA program exists in the logic unit.At the same time, this article also introduces the structure, programmability, use scenario, price and development prospects of FPGA chips.It can be seen that the FPGA chip is a very promising chip type.

I believe that the FPGA chip as a chip with a programmability, high performance, and low power consumption, its application prospects will be wider.