Where is the RST in the FPGA chip

March 31, 2024
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What is FPGA chip

FPGA’s full name is Field Programmable Gate Array, which can be translated as a on -site programming door array.It is a programmable logic device that can achieve various functions through hardware programming.

What is the RST in the FPGA chip

RST is the reset port in the FPGA chip, which can be used to make the chip back to the initial state to prepare the next round of operation.When using FPGA chips, RST is a very important signal.

Spartan-7 FPGA

RST’s role

The role of RST is to return the FPGA chip back to the initial state, that is, clear all the registers and circuits in the chip, and initialize all IO ports and internal registers.This is conducive to ensuring the reliability and correctness of the system.

How to control RST

There are many ways to control RST. Generally, there are two ways: hardware control and software control.Hardware control is to control RST through external circuits. Software control is to achieve RST by writing specific registers.

RST’s signal level

The level of RST signal is related to the type of chip, and the RST signal levels used by different chips are also different.When using the FPGA chip, you need to view the corresponding data manual to confirm the RST signal level of the chip.


How does rst collaborate with other signals

RST is usually used with the clock signal and can be used when the system initializes or abnormal.It is necessary to consider the collaboration with other signals when using it, so that each signal is carried out in the correct way in the right time.

How to use rst in design

In design, RST needs to be used with caution.It is necessary to consider the initialization sequence and timing of each module, and no duplicate and lack can be occurred.At the same time, you need to pay attention to the level of the reset signal, which cannot cause the chip to be unable to start normally.


Common RST applications

Common RST applications include insufficient resetting time, power fluctuations, noise, etc. These problems need to be optimized measures according to specific conditions.


In the design of the FPGA chip, RST is a very important signal.Use RST correctly to ensure the reliability and correctness of the chip.In use, the collaboration between each signal, as well as the level and control method of RST.

In summary, reasonable use of the RST signal can improve the reliability and stability of the FPGA chip.