Which company has FPGA chips

February 23, 2024
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Which company has FPGA chips?

1 Introduction

In the modern electronics industry, FPGA chips are a very important electronic component.It can achieve various circuit design on hardware, with high degree of flexibility and programming.There are many companies in the market to produce FPGA chips. This article will introduce which companies have FPGA chips and their characteristics.

2. xilinx

Spartan-7 FPGA

Xilinx is one of the world’s largest FPGA chip manufacturers.His FPGA chip uses his own architecture and provides rich development tools.Xilinx’s FPGA chip is widely used in various fields such as computer vision, artificial intelligence and communication.

3. Altera

Altera and Xilinx are listed as the world’s largest FPGA chip manufacturer.It provides a full set of programmable logic solutions, including physical chips, software, IP, and development tools.Altera’s FPGA chip is suitable for applications such as Internet of Things, aerospace, communication, and industrial automation.

4. Lattice

Lattice Semiconductor is a company dedicated to developing electronic products such as FPGA, CPLD, programmable clock, and programmable power management chip.Lattice FPGA chips have low power consumption, high integration, and high cost performance, and are widely used in mobile devices, home appliances, automotive electronics and other fields.

5. Microsemi

MicroSemi is an American chip manufacturer. Its FPGA chip is widely used in high -performance computing, military electronics and communications.MicroSemi uses its self -developed SmartFusion technology to improve the reliability, security and fault tolerance of the chip.


6. Quicklogic

Quicklogic is a company that mainly produces FPGA chips and sensors.Its FPGA chip uses Ultra-Low Power Arcticlink III VX technology, which can maintain low power consumption in up to 10 years.Quicklogic’s FPGA chip is widely used in electronic watches, smart homes, mobile devices and other fields.


ACTEL is a FPGA chip and CPLD chip manufacturer, and it is also a leader in the low -power FPGA field.Its FPGA chip is mainly used in aerospace, defense, industrial automation and other fields.ACTEL also provides a reconstructed system -level chip (RSC) solution to support deeper system integration.

8. Achronix

Achronix is a company focusing on high -performance FPGA chip manufacturing.Its FPGA chip uses Speedster22i technology and has the characteristics of high performance, low power consumption, high security.Achronix’s FPGA chip is widely used in fields of artificial intelligence, network security, and high performance computing.


9. Cypress

Cypress Semiconductor is a semiconductor and system solution provider. Its FPGA chip is widely used in smart grids, automotive electronics, consumer electronics and other fields.Cypress’s FPGA chip uses PSOC interconnection technology to support multiple protocols and interfaces.

10. Summary

FPGA chips are widely used in various fields, from computer vision to artificial intelligence, from industrial automation to smart homes.Different application scenarios require different types of FPGA chips, so it is important to choose suitable chips.The FPGA chips provided by the above companies have certain markets and technical advantages, and they can choose the appropriate chip according to their own needs.

Final view: When selecting FPGA chips, you must not only consider market and technical advantages, but also choose suitable chips according to actual needs.