Which FPGA chip company is the strongest

February 29, 2024
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Which FPGA chip company is the strongest


The application range of FPGA chips is becoming more and more widely used, and more and more companies have joined the team of FPGA chips.How to stand out in the market and become the strongest FPGA chip company in the minds of consumers?Next, we will discuss which FPGA chip company is the strongest for market share, performance, power consumption, price and ecosystem aspects.

2. Market share

Cyclone FPGA

In the first quarter of 2019, the global FPGA market share, Intel ranked first with a market share of 50.2%, Silinz ranked second with a market share of 34.1%, and the third place was Microsemi with a share of 7.8%.From a market share, Intel is the strongest FPGA chip company.

Three, performance

In terms of the performance of the FPGA chip, Seling Si is an absolute leader.Saline’s FPGA chip has the highest clock speed and the largest number of logical units, and its comprehensive results are also better.In specific application scenarios, the use of Cylinz’s FPGA chip can improve a large number of performance advantages.

Four, power consumption

Power consumption is a very critical indicator for FPGA chip design, because it is related to the heat of the chip, and it is also related to the design of the power consumption density and the design of the heat dissipation system.At present, in the FPGA chip with the best power consumption performance, some products of Intel have performed well, but Sali and Xilinx products also have relatively excellent low power performance.


Five, price

The price of FPGA chips is not low, but the pricing of different companies is also different.Generally speaking, Intel’s FPGA chip price is relatively high, and the price of Sali and Xilinx is relatively close.In addition, Ali and Huawei also have some competitiveness in the price of FPGA chips.

6. Ecological system

The ecosystem of the chip is also one of the important indicators to evaluate the brand of FPGA chip company. The integrity of the ecosystem can affect the successful application of the chip.Rich ecosystems can not only help users solve problems, but also improve production efficiency.At present, Xilinx has a large investment in ecosystem construction, so it has an advantage in this aspect.


Seven, overall evaluation

Based on the above factors, we believe that Silin Si is currently the strongest FPGA chip company.Although it is not as good as Intel in terms of market share, Cylinz’s FPGA chip has relative advantages in terms of performance, power consumption, and price.The construction of Sailingz’s ecosystem also has certain advantages. How to continue to lead in the future market needs more innovation and business model adjustments.

8. Conclusion

In summary, Sailing Si is currently the strongest FPGA chip company.