Which of the following manufacturers have FPGA chips

April 3, 2024
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The FPGA chip is an important part of the current electronics industry. Almost all electronic systems need to be used to FPGA chip technology.In recent years, several FPGA chip manufacturers have been launched at home and abroad. Let’s introduce some of them.

1. Altera

Altera is a world -leading FPGA chip manufacturer, which has a high reputation in the industry.It has a wide range of products, covering ASIC, SOC, FPGA and other tools.Altera’s products are widely used in communication, automation, and medical care.

2. xilinx

Virtex-7 FPGA

As another big giant in the FPGA industry, Xilinx’s products are very popular in the industry.The company has a wide range of FPGA product lines, including the world’s largest FPGA series Virtex and Spartan series.

3. Lattice

Lattice is a small and medium-sized enterprise in the United States that mainly produces LOW-COST, Low-Power, small FPGA chips and ASIC.Its products are very suitable for industrial, robotics and other fields.In addition, Lattice has cooperated with companies such as Qualcomm to develop a series of reference designs based on FPGA chips.

4. Microsemi

MicroSemi is a world’s top FPGA chip manufacturer, which includes FPGA, SOC, power chips, and security chips.Especially Microsemi’s FPGA chip has high performance in terms of security.

5. Quicklogic

Quicklogic is a medium -sized enterprise in the United States. Its main business is to produce ASIC, modified ASIC, FPGA, and SOC, FPGA series named Polarpro and Eagle.


6. Atmel

Atmel is a well -known international semiconductor company that covers various chips such as FPGA, microcontroller, wireless controller, I/O chip.Atmel’s FPGA series is SMARTFUSION2, which is widely used in the field of industrial automation.


ACTEL is a company specializing in FPGA design and manufacturing.Its product DSP, FPGA and ARM CPUs are widely used in TV, communication, automotive electronics, industrial control and other fields.In addition, ACTEL has a high position in the field of international military industry.

8. Cypress

Cypress is a US semiconductor company, which covers SRAM class memory, PSOC and other chips.The company’s FPGA series is the PSOC series and is widely used in the fields of smart homes, intelligent health, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.


9. Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is a world -renowned semiconductor company. Its FPGA product series is the C2000 series and is widely used in medical, energy, automation and other fields.

10. Intel

In July 2020, Intel completed the acquisition of Altera, making it a FPGA chip manufacturer under Intel.At present, Intel’s FPGA series is Stratix, Cyclone, MAX, etc.

Views: FPGA chip manufacturers are countless. The FPGA chips of different manufacturers have different performance and characteristics. Users need to choose according to their actual needs when choosing.At the same time, with the continuous upgrading of technology, the application field of FPGA chips is becoming more and more extensive, and it has injected continuous energy into the development of the electronics industry.