Which one is the atomic atoms FPGA chip?

March 28, 2024
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Which one is the atomic atoms FPGA chip?

DFROBOT is an open source electronic product R & D and manufacturing company. It is committed to providing makers with high -quality original chips, modules, sensors and other electronic components, and promote the application of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology.The FPGA chip, which is atomic, is a programmable logic chip launched by SMEs. It is widely used in the fields of automation, audio and video processing.

Related knowledge of FPGA chip

FPGA chip is a programmable logic chip. Compared with the traditional fixed -featured ASIC (applied integrated circuit), FPGA can re -realize its own circuit logic through programming.There are various applications.The core of the FPGA chip is to find the table (LUT). Generally, it can be used with a random memory (Bram) and a digital signal processor (DSP) to quickly complete tasks such as logical processing, data acceleration and signal processing.

Cyclone FPGA

The main parameters of the atomic FPGA chip

The FPGA chip of the Point Atomic Atomic includes different models such as V5, V6, V7, V8, and V9. Among them, V9 is the latest style.High -speed digital signal processing, image processing, video compression and other fields.At the same time, V9 also provides 10 general -purpose input output (GPIO) ports, supporting SPI, IIC, UART, PWM and other communication protocols.

Advantages of Point Atomic FPGA chip

The FPGA chip of the Point Atomic has the following advantages:

High degree of flexibility and programming, can quickly customize development according to application needs;

High -speed data processing capabilities can support complex computing and high bandwidth data transmission;

Low -power design, saving electricity, can improve the reliability of the system;

Rich communication interfaces can be seamlessly integrated with other electronic components and systems.


Application scenario of Zhengdian atomic FPGA chip

Point atomic FPGA chip is suitable for the following application scenarios:

Automatic control and robot control, including automatic machine tools, assembly line robots, etc.;

Audio and video image processing, such as digital signal processing, image enhancement, video decoding, etc.;

The Internet of Things and smart homes, such as sensor data collection, remote control, etc.;

Industrial testing and measurement, such as high -speed motor motion control, precision instrument control, etc.

The development tool of the positive atoms FPGA chip

The development tool of the Point atom FPGA chip mainly includes:

Xilinx Vivado software: the design, simulation and development of the FPGA chip;

Positive Atomic IDE: Integrated a variety of hardware development frameworks to support a variety of programming languages;

Point Atomic Guide: Provides detailed development documents and instance code for easy learning and use.


The price and supplier of the positive atomic FPGA chip

The price and supplier of the positive atomic FPGA chip are as follows:

Zhengxian atomic official website: V9 model price is about 499 yuan;

Taobao: V9 model is about 530 yuan;

Jingdong Mall: The V9 model is priced at about 540 yuan.

The above price is for reference only. The actual price and supply may vary from time, place, and person.


Point atom is an innovative company dedicated to promoting open source hardware and IoT technology. Its FPGA chip has high degree of flexibility and programming, which can meet the needs of small and medium -sized enterprises.The ideal choice of small batches.Point atomic FPGA chip has broad application prospects in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, smart transportation, smart home and the Internet of Things.

Positive Atomic FPGA chip has high degree of flexibility and programming, which is an ideal choice for small and medium -sized enterprises, makers and electronic enthusiasts.