Which upper limit of chip and FPGA is higher

February 27, 2024
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The difference between chip and FPGA

Chip (IC) and field programming door array (IC) and on -site programming (FPGA) are all of electronic components, but there are still differences between them.

The functions of chip and FPGA

The chip is a design that has been designed and can run the specified function by itself, but if you need to change it, you must redesign the chip and make new ones.FPGA can change its circuit structure by programming, thereby achieving different functions without re -manufacturing new circuits.

Cyclone II FPGA

The running speed of chip and FPGA

Since the chip is composed of silicon chip printing circuit boards, its characteristics have been designed in the chip, so the chip is running fast.However, FPGA needs to be configured before use, so its running speed is slightly slower.

The power consumption of chip and FPGA

The power consumption of the chip is relatively low because its circuit structure has been fixed.The FPGA’s circuit structure can be changed by itself, so its power consumption is relatively high.

The design cost of chip and FPGA

The design cost of the chip is very high, because the designer needs to carry out tedious circuit design, and manufacturers need to make large -scale production.The design cost of FPGA is relatively low, because programming can be changed by programming without the need for circuit design and production.


Applicable scenes of chip and FPGA

The chip is suitable for those scenes that require efficient and low -power operation, such as mobile phone chips, embedded systems, etc.FPGAs are suitable for scenes that need to change the circuit structure frequently, such as semiconductor testing, image processing, etc.

The reliability of chip and FPGA

Because the structure of the chip has been fixed, its reliability is high.The structure of the FPGA can be changed, so its reliability is low, and it is more prone to problems.

The production cycle of chip and FPGA

Because manufacturing chips require fixed circuit design and production, its production cycle is longer.Because FPGA does not need to be designed and produced by circuit, it can be achieved by programming, so its production cycle is short.


The upper limit of chip and FPGA

Although both chips and FPGA can achieve different functions, their upper limit is different.Because the chip has been designed as a specific circuit structure, its upper limit is very clear, but the upper limit of the FPGA depends on the ability of the programmer.Using FPGA can make certain tasks faster and more efficient, but when it encounters non -linear problems, its processing speed and efficiency will decrease, so the upper limit of the chip is higher.

The chip is still FPGA

Therefore, both chips and FPGA have their own advantages and disadvantages. For different needs, chip or FPGA should be determined according to specific conditions.But in general, in most cases, the upper limit of the chip is higher.

Therefore, we recommend that you can choose a chip for scenarios that require efficient and low -power operation, and you can choose FPGA for scenes that need to change the circuit structure.Some.