Who invented the FPGA chip

March 26, 2024
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What is FPGA chip?

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) Chinese is named on -site programming door array. It is a digital circuit chip composed of a large number of programmable door circuits and I/O ports.Compared with ordinary ASICs (applied for integrated circuits), FPGA has the advantages of reconstruction, strong processing capabilities, low power consumption, etc., and is widely used in control -based electronic devices.

Who is the inventor of the FPGA chip?

The inventor of the FPGA chip is Xilinx.In 1984, Ross Freeman and Bernard Vonderschmitt in Silicon Valley in the United States jointly created Xilinx, and released the world’s first FPGA chip in the same year.This chip uses the EEPROM storage unit, which can perform real -time programming and non -vulnerable programming. It is known as a milestone innovation in the field of digital circuit design.

Cyclone IV FPGA

The working principle of FPGA chip

The FPGA chip is composed of modules such as programmable logic units (PL), programmable input/output unit (IOBS), and programmable interconnection units.PL contains a large number of programmable logic blocks (CLB) and programmable registers to achieve logical circuits defined by user definitions; IOBS is responsible for the input and output of various signals; Interconcting Blocks provides connection services for various PL and IOBS.FPGA shows two characteristics as a whole: programming and parallelism, so it is more widely used than ASIC, and its procedures are relatively flexible.

At this stage, FPGA chip manufacturer

At present, the FPGA chip has a fierce market competition. The main competitors are Xilinx, Altera (acquired by Intel), Lattice Semiconductor, Quicklogic and other major manufacturers.Xilinx and Intel account for 63%of the market share, while other manufacturers can only hover on the edge of the market.

FPGA chip market application

FPGA is different from ASIC. It can not only be used in conventional digital circuit design, but also widely used in high -speed data receiving and receiving, digital signal processing, embedded systems, and software definition networks.In particular, the application in the field of software definition network (SDN) has gradually been deployed in large areas.Its high -processing accuracy, fast speed, powerful function, and can complete the characteristics of dense parallel computing, which plays a key role in the development and innovation of various fields.


Advantages of FPGA chip

Compared with ASIC, FPGA has the following advantages:

1) Good programming and short processing cycle;

2) Equipment can be updated, maintenance and understanding;

3) Short production cycle;

4) Use standardized hardware language for design and measurement to facilitate exchange;

5) The operation speed is more suitable for certain high -speed applications.

The disadvantages of FPGA chip

The disadvantages of FPGA chips are mainly in the following aspects:

1) The cost of FPGA chip is higher;

2) The power consumption of the FPGA chip is greater;

3) The reliability of the FPGA chip is slightly lower than the ASIC chip.


FPGA chip’s market prospects

FPGA chips are widely used in many fields such as intelligent electronics, intelligent transportation, and artificial intelligence, and the application prospects in the fields of high -speed computing and deep learning are very broad.In recent years, the combination of FPGA and AI technology has attracted the attention of many companies.Xilinx and Intel have launched FPGAs for adaptive AI applications, while companies such as Hisilicon, NXP, Texas Instruments, and Nvidia have also joined this competitive field. The proportion of the FPGA chip application market will continue to rise in the future.

Future trend of FPGA chip

The future development of the FPGA chip has a higher speed and lower delay direction.The current FPGA manufacturers are constantly improving the speed of the processor of FPGA, improving their power density and performance, and optimizing security, fault tolerance, and reliability.At the same time, more and more cases of FPGA chips and AI are combined. In the future, FPGA chips may play more important roles in edge computing, 5G networks, intelligent computer vision and autonomous driving.

Viewpoint sharing: FPGA chip is a milestone in digital circuit design

As a new type of programmable digital circuit design chip, the FPGA chip has completely changed the way to establish a hardware circuit in the field of digital circuit design.Since then, the designer is no longer limited by the so -called basic door circuits and fixed circuit design methods. It can change the hardware structure and function of the circuit by programming to achieve a more flexible and changeable effect.FPGA chips and its technology have been widely used in the fields of hardware design, signal control, and embedded design, which provides strong technical support for modern digital circuit design.Therefore, we can say that the invention of the FPGA chip is a milestone innovation of digital circuit design, which has made significant contributions to the entire electronics industry.