Why is FPGA chip not used in products

March 29, 2024
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Why isn’t FPGA chip used in products?

With the continuous development of technology, a variety of chips appear in the IC industry, and one of the more special chips is the FPGA chip.Although the FPGA chip has high flexibility and reconstruction, why is it not widely used in products?Below we will analyze the difficulty and cost of manufacturing.

FPGA’s manufacturing is more difficult

The FPGA chip is also called programmable logic device. Compared with ASIC chips, the FPGA chip manufacturing is difficult to manufacture because standard process process can be used.But compared with ordinary CMOS devices, the design of FPGA is more complicated because it needs to realize the logic door in the hardware circuit, which requires designers to master the knowledge of hardware and software.In addition, the design tools of FPGA are relatively complicated. Designers need to be proficient in these tools to design high -quality FPGA circuits.In this way, for ordinary manufacturers, it is not easy to produce FPGA chips.

The cost of FPGA is higher

The cost of the FPGA chip is also one of the reasons for its unreasonable use.Compared with ASIC chips, the unit price of FPGA will be higher. This is because a FPGA chip needs to contain more crystal tubes, and in order to achieve programming, the FPGA chip needs to increase more hardware resources than ASIC chips within it.This also leads to higher costs of FPGA chips.

FPGA chip design and development difficulty

The design and development of the FPGA chip need to be integrated in the underlying hardware and high -level software. It needs to master advanced programming languages including Verilog and VHDL, and use the corresponding hardware description language to establish circuit principles.This is very difficult for most designers.At the same time, designers need to be more familiar with hardware than ASIC developers, because they need to directly use the hardware description language to design, which will have an impact on development costs and technical difficulties.


FPGA integration is not high enough

The FPGA Chips process restriction and oscillation scheme affects its integration, especially the latest FPGA chip. Because there are too many multi -functional modules inside it, the space is not enough, and its scale will be larger.The use of FPGA chips in a product will occupy a lot of space, which will adversely affect the overall cost of the product, especially for products with smaller sizes, using FPGA chips can be completely eliminated.

FPGA development time is relatively long

Because of the long time of FPGA chip development, many companies are difficult to control in terms of product delivery and FPGA chip development costs, and the development of FPGA chips also needs to be maintained, which also increases development costs.In addition, because the FPGA chip needs to be designed and embedded, it requires long -term testing and verification, and in products using FPGA chips, designers need to adapt to the complexity of programmable logic, making the manufacturing and production of the product more difficult.

FPGA chip performance is relatively weak than ordinary chips

Another obvious feature is that because FPGA chips pay more attention to programming and flexibility, they are often unable to compare with special ASIC chips in terms of performance.For those manufacturers with specific application requirements, they may prefer to use ASIC chips so that they can get better performance and lower costs.


FPGA chip’s use of specific products

In some specific products, the use of FPGA chips is even more necessary.For example, in the fields of aerospace, ships, electricity, etc., multiple operations need to be performed on circuits.Therefore, the use of FPGA chips in these high -end products is common, because FPGA chips can meet the special performance needs of the product to a certain extent.In the application scenarios of these specific industries, the FPGA chip has irreplaceable unique performance, so they are still indispensable.

in conclusion

Although the FPGA chip has many advantages, due to its problems in cost, design and software development, design time, it has not been widely used in many products.But in specific industry application scenarios, FPGA chips are still indispensable.So for future developers, you need to weigh various factors and choose the chip type that is best for you to create competitive products.