Why is FPGA so short of chip

March 7, 2024
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Background introduction

In modern electronic products, FPGA (programmable logic door array chip) has become an important component, which can be replaced according to the needs of the application and flexibly achieve various functions.However, the FPGA chip on the market is abnormally short -short. Why does this phenomenon occur?

Global chip shortage

Globally, the phenomenon of chip shortage has now appeared, and the FPGA chip has only been part of it.This is mainly due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the global problem of US commercial sanctions on China.Due to the blockade and restrictions, from the factory to the logistics, the entire supply chain was severely damaged.Moreover, this shortage is particularly obvious for the unconventional chip of FPGA chip.

Kintex-7 FPGA

It is difficult to manufacture

Compared with other types of chip manufacturing, the production of FPGA chips is more difficult.This is because the FPGA chip requires higher manufacturing accuracy and process requirements.Moreover, each chip needs to be personalized, which can easily lead to an increase in production and manufacturing.Therefore, although demand has increased, the upper limit of the production capacity of the chip has not improved accordingly.

Imported raw material supply chain is unstable

The production of FPGA chips depends on imported raw materials, such as silicon pieces, and the supply chain of these raw materials is also very unstable.Recently, the production of these raw materials has been affected by the epidemic and weather.In addition, policies in some countries will also affect the import of these raw materials, which further increases the cost of FPGA chip production.

Increase market demand

As people are more and more dependent on electronic products, the market’s demand for FPGA chips has also increased.In particular, the rise of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and 5G technology has put forward higher requirements for FPGA chips.However, due to the global chip shortage and the difficulty of production and manufacturing, the production capacity cannot meet market demand, which has further led to the shortage of chip.


Limited production capacity of manufacturers

At present, the number of manufacturers that can produce FPGA chips in the market is limited. The main manufacturers include Xilinx, Intel, and Lattice.The production capacity of these manufacturers cannot meet the needs of the global market, which is also a reason for chip shortage.In addition, due to the high production cost, these manufacturers are unlikely to increase the number of production.

Re -assign supply resources

In order to cope with the shortage of chips, manufacturers are currently trying to re -assign supply resources.Some small -scale manufacturers have begun to produce FPGA chips.In addition, some manufacturers are trying to improve production efficiency and expand production scale.However, these improvements need to be effective for a long time, and it cannot quickly relieve the pressure of shortage.

Impact on electronic products

As FPGA chips are widely used in electronic products, the situation of chip shortage will have a negative impact on the production and development of electronic products.Product launch time may be extended, prices may rise, and even some electronic products may not be able to produce because they cannot obtain the required FPGA chips.


Future Outlook

Although the current shortage of FPGA chips is very severe, as the manufacturers have improved in production capacity and technological innovation, I believe this situation will gradually improve.At the same time, we should also realize that chip shortage is a global problem. We need to take more reasonable policies and measures to cope with this problem.

in conclusion

In general, the shortage of FPGA chip is caused by a variety of factors. Global chip shortages, large production and manufacturing difficulty, increased market demand, unstable supply chain of imported raw materials, and limited manufacturers’ production capacity are the main factors that cause chip shortages to shortage.EssenceWith the efforts of manufacturers and the advancement of technological innovation, it is believed that the problem of final chip shortage will be solved.