Why is the sports control chip more expensive than FPGA

February 25, 2024
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Why is the sports control chip more expensive than FPGA


In the electronic component market, the FPGA chip has always been one of the most popular chips, especially in the widely used in the embedded field, but the price of motion control chips is much higher than the FPGA chip.Why does this happen?This article will analyze the reasons for the high price of motion control chips.

The number of manufacturers is small

Spartan-7 FPGA

Compared with the FPGA chip, the number of manufacturers of motion control chips is relatively small, which is an important reason for the high price of motion control chips.Due to the small number of manufacturers and the relatively low level of market competition, the price of motion controlled chips will naturally increase accordingly.

The number of interfaces is large

A motion control chip needs to support many interfaces, such as encoder interface, digital input and output interface, analog output interface, etc.These interfaces need to be integrated into chips one by one. In this way, the chip area increases, the increase in design difficulty, and the increase in manufacturing costs will lead to rising prices.The FPGA chip is relatively affected by this.

Complex architecture design

Motor control chips need to ensure high speed and high precision output.To do this, the motion control chip needs to perform a very complex architecture design, which is equivalent to a processor that needs to be highly customized.The architecture of the FPGA chip can be implemented by programmable logic. This programmable logic can meet different design needs. Therefore, the FPGA chip is relatively flexible.Professional design and manufacturing process to achieve.

Corresponding manufacturing of high reliability

Because motion control chips usually require higher accuracy and reliability, higher technical requirements are required during the manufacturing process.For example, the motion control chip needs to perform high -precision manufacturing processes, and use advanced packaging technology to ensure moisture -proof, dustproof, anti -static, antipurmment, etc.These requirements will increase the cost of chip manufacturing, which is also another reason for the high price of motion control chips.


Test costs are high

The testing process of motion control chips usually requires special testing equipment, and requires longer test time and higher test costs.This is because the test parameters need to be controlled by the motion control chip and the test time is longer.The FPGA chip is relatively low in testing.

Affected by supply and demand relationship

Because the positioning in the field of sports control is relatively professional and the demand is not high, supply in the market is usually more than demand.Therefore, relatively speaking, the price of sports control chips will not be as greatly affected by market supply and demand, as FPGA chips.

Batch production is difficult

In order to reduce production costs and ensure stable quality, motion control chip production is usually mass -produced.However, this has also brought some challenges to chip production.For example, if the chip occurs during the production process, the chip of the entire batch will be abandoned, and the cost of these chips will be transferred to other chips, which will cause the chip price to rise.


Focus on high -end markets

Compared with the FPGA chip, the demand market for sports control chips is relatively scattered, and it cannot cover various applications like FPGA.Therefore, the design and manufacturing of motion control chips are usually focused on high -end markets.This is also one of the factors that cause a relatively high price of motion control chips.

in conclusion

In summary, there are many reasons for the higher prices of motion control chips.Among them, factors such as high manufacturing costs, high test costs, complex architecture design, and small market demand are the main reasons for high prices.At the same time, factors that focus on high -end markets, supply and demand relationships, and large difficulty in mass production have all increased the risk of motion control chip prices to a certain extent.Therefore, although the price of motion control chips is relatively high, they are widely used in the electronic component market and played an important role.