Why use FPGA chips in DSP

March 13, 2024
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What are DSP and FPGA?

Before you introduce why you need to use the FPGA chip in DSP, you first need to understand what DSP and FPGA are.

DSP is the abbreviation of digital signal processors. It is a device specifically used for digital signal processing.FPGA is the abbreviation of the programmable door array, and it is a flexible programming logic chip.

DSP’s limitations and problems that need to be solved

Spartan-6 FPGA

DSP chips have high applicability in digital signal processing, but in some specific tasks, some limitations will be encountered.

For example, in the case of a large amount of complex algorithm operations and parallel processing data, DSP will not be able to compete, at this time, you need to use FPGA to solve these problems.

FPGA’s advantage of signal processing

The FPGA chip has the ability to reconstruct and parallel processing, which means that it can be re -configured by programming.

Therefore, in the task of signal processing, the program using the FPGA chip can run faster, more efficiently, and meet the real -time requirements.

At the same time, FPGA’s hardware parallelism makes it have better processing capabilities and computing speed.

How to choose the right FPGA chip

When selecting suitable FPGA chips, comprehensive considerations need to be made based on factors such as processing speed, processing scale, and resource use.

The commonly used FPGA chips are represented by Xilinx and Altera.The two chips have their own characteristics. The specific choices need to be determined according to actual needs and specific application scenarios.


Principles of FPGA implementation

The implementation method of the FPGA chip is to connect to a matrix with programmable logic. The programmable logic unit is closely concentrated with the register, and specific logic operations are completed through timing and clock circuits.

The FPGA chip can change the dedicated logic circuit during the operation process, achieve acceleration of certain modules, and achieve the purpose of real -time processing.

The combination of FPGA and DSP

FPGA and DSP can be used in many occasions to make full use of their respective characteristics to improve the performance of the system.

Under normal circumstances, FPGA chips are used to complete modules such as real -time control, interrupt processing, data acquisition, interface control, and data buffer, while DSP chips are used for data computing processing modules.

The application of FPGA in video processing

In the field of video processing, because it involves a large amount of data operations, the FPGA chip has been widely used.

For example, in the image processing, the FPGA chip can complete the encoding, decoding, compression, frequency division of the image to achieve the processing and management of video signals, and improve the quality of image processing.


The application of FPGA in audio processing

In the field of audio processing, FPGA chips can also play an important role.

For example, FPGA can be applied to audio digital filtering, matching filtering, noise reduction, etc., providing high -quality audio effects.


In summary, FPGA chips and DSP chips play an important role in digital signal processing.Although the two chips have their own characteristics, they can also be used in some scenarios to improve the efficiency and quality of digital signal processing.

Personal point of view: FPGA chip is the best choice for digital signal processing