World FPGA chip

March 17, 2024
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World FPGA chip

What is FPGA chip

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip is a on -site programmable logic device. It is an integrated circuit that can be programmed and implemented by programmable digital circuits according to different application scenarios.The FPGA chip is widely used, which can be used in digital systems or simulation systems.Compared with ASIC, FPGA has the advantages of rapid development and short cycle.

FPGA chip manufacturer

Cyclone FPGA

At present, there are three major FPGA chip manufacturers in the world: the United States Xilinx, the United States, Altera, and Lattice Semiconductor.Sailingz has a history of more than 30 years in the FPGA industry and is the world’s largest FPGA supplier.Yingfeeling is the second largest FPGA manufacturer in the world.

The market share of the world FPGA chip

According to data from the research institutions, the current FPGA chip market has 46.6%of the FPGA chip company, 29.8%in Yingfeeling, and 9.9%of Lattice Semiconductor.

FPGA chip design process

The design process of the FPGA chip usually includes the following steps: planning, RTL design, comprehensive, simulation, implementation, layout and wiring, timing simulation, generating ratio, download to FPGA chip.

Comparison of FPGA chip and ASIC chip

Compared with ASIC chips, FPGA chips have the advantages of rapid development, short cycle and strong scalability, but ASIC chips have higher performance and lower power consumption.

Application scenario of FPGA chip

FPGA chips are widely used in industrial automation, aerospace, network communication, and embedded systems. Especially in the field of artificial intelligence, the application of FPGA chips is becoming more and more important.


The application of FPGA chip in the field of artificial intelligence

In the field of artificial intelligence, FPGA chips can be used in deep learning applications such as convolutional neural networks (CNNS) and circulating neural networks (RNNS).Because the FPGA chip has the ability to process parallel processing, it can accelerate the matrix multiplication operation in the neural network and improve the computing performance.

The world’s largest FPGA chip

At present, the world’s largest FPGA chip is the Virtex UltraScale + VU19P launched by Cylinz. It has 3.5 billion logical doors and 9,000 bram blocks. It can integrate more than 300 video coders and decoders on a chip.In high -performance computing, cloud computing, and AI.


The smallest FPGA chip in the world

At present, the smallest FPGA chip in the world is Lattice Semiconductor launched by ICE40 Ultraplus. Its size is only 2.5 mm by 2.5 mm, which is suitable for application scenarios such as wearable devices and the Internet of Things.


The world’s FPGA chips are widely used. From the field of industrial fields to artificial intelligence, FPGA chips have played an important role.With the continuous development of technology, the scale of FPGA chips has continued to expand and performance continues to improve. We can expect more and more excellent FPGA chip applications to be launched.

As an important digital circuit development trend, FPGA chip has a broad development prospect and has an important role in promoting the entire technology industry.