Xilinx FPGA chip minimum system

March 30, 2024
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Xilinx FPGA chip minimum system


As one of the main FPGA chip suppliers in the industry, XilinX has important characteristics such as high flexibility, strong programming, and stable performance. It is widely used in many fields such as communication, medical care, and electricity.This article will introduce the construction method of the minimum system of Xilinx FPGA chip.

materials needed

Cyclone III FPGA

It is very simple to build the materials required by the system. It only requires the Xilinx FPGA chip, clock source, integrated circuit, and JEDEC files.

System construction

First build the development environment of FPGA chips, including Vivado development tools, Verilog / VHDL writing tools, etc.Secondly, use the Vivado development environment to create a project, select the appropriate FPGA chip model, and import Jedec files.Then, write the Verilog / VHDL program according to the design requirements for functional debugging.

Clock source generation

The clock source of the integrated circuit can be generated by crystal and RC circuits. Here is a crystal as an example.Select the appropriate frequency crystal, and its frequency range should be matched with the operating frequency of the FPGA chip. The wiring method is to connect the two pins of the crystal with the PIN pin of the FPGA chip respectively.


software design

The software design of the system uses Verilog / VHDL language, which mainly includes data input and output, timing control logic and other parts.When designing, the systemic hardware resources need to be considered, and the detailed software design process will not be repeated here.

Development debugging

After building the system, development and commissioning need to be carried out.First, download the FPGA chip configuration, then perform the software and hardware joint debugging, and finally perform performance testing.

System test

System testing is one of the most important links in the process of building a system to ensure that it can meet the requirements of the requirements.The test of the system mainly includes testing, power consumption testing, electrical testing and other tests.Testing instruments, testing tools, etc. are required during testing.



This system is suitable for various occasions that require FPGA chip control, such as wireless communication, image processing, medical and electricity, etc., have many advantages such as simple operation and convenient maintenance.


The construction method of the Xilinx FPGA chip minimum system is very simple. This article introduces detailed construction steps, including building a development environment, writing software, testing and other aspects.The system has a wide range of applications and has excellent performance and stability.