Xilinx series FPGA chip IP

March 25, 2024
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Xilinx series FPGA chip IP

What is FPGA?

FPGA is the abbreviation of programmable door array and a digital circuit based on programmable logic unit (PLD) technology.Compared with ASIC (special integration circuit), FPGA is highly flexible, and internal resources can be configured by programming and can complete a variety of functions.

Xilinx company

Artix-7 FPGA

Xilinx is a semiconductor company specializing in FPGA and other programmable logic devices.From low -end to high -end FPGA chip product series, it is divided into four series: Artix, Kintex, Virtex, and Zynq.

Xilinx series FPGA chip IP introduction

Xilinx provides many IP cores (intellectual property cores), which can facilitate users to design and verify quickly.These include some common digital signal processing and communication protocols (such as multiplier, accumulator, DDR controller and Ethernet MAC, etc.).Some examples of Xilinx series FPGA chip IP include:

Logicore IP multimedia framework

The Logicore IP multimedia framework is part of the Xilinx series FPGA chip IP, which can achieve audio and video data capture and processing.This framework includes development tools for board -level modules such as audio and video capture, interconnection, processing, output, and storage.


Logicore IP Cumulator

Avader is a special type of digital signal processor that can process digital signals, images, audio and video.The multiplier addter is widely used in science and engineering calculations.The Xilinx series FPGA chip IP provides a variety of accuracy multiplication and supports floating -point number operations and fixed -point calculations.

Logicore ip serial ATA

Serial ATA protocol is a standard interface for storing equipment, such as hard disk drives.The Xilinx series FPGA chip IP provides a special serial ATA controller that can achieve simple integration of hard disk drives and Xilinx FPGA.The controller supports 6 GBPS speed and supports multiple queues and commands located in the protocol.


Logicore IP Ethernet MAC

Ethernet MAC is part of the implementation of the general standard Ethernet, which can be used for inter -peer communication and network connection.The Xilinx series FPGA chip IP provides a Ethernet MAC core that fully meets the IEEE 802.3 (ie Ethernet protocol) standard.It supports up to 10 GBE speed, supports 10/100/1000/2500/5000/10000 MB/s network speed, including VLAN and multi -broadcast filtering functions.

In general

The Xilinx series FPGA chip IP provides a wide range of digital signal processing and communication interface solutions.These IP cores can reduce development time and complexity, making applications easier to design, implement and verify.This is very helpful for developers who need to quickly launch products.

Therefore, choosing the Xilinx series FPGA chip IP can greatly help developers improve design efficiency and product competitiveness.