You can also download the program to remove the FPGA chip

March 7, 2024
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You can also download the program to remove the FPGA chip


Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chip is a programmable logic chip. The program can be loaded by FPGA.However, even if there is no FPGA chip, there are other ways to download the program.

Serial port download program

Cyclone FPGA

Many embedded systems now support serial download programs.The serial port refers to a transmitter and a receiver that connects through a cable.Send the program through the serial port to the target system to download the program.

USB download program

Another common method for downloading programs is to connect to USB.Most of the current electronic devices provide a USB interface that can be connected to a computer through this interface and then download the program to the device.

Jtag download program

JTAG is a chip -level debugging and testing technology, which can also be used to download the program.The JTAG interface is usually composed of 4 signal cables, which can be connected to the processor or other chips that can be connected to the target system.

Network download program

Many devices can be connected through the network.In this case, the program can be downloaded through the Internet.For example, connect to the target device through Telnet or SSH and transmit the program into the device.


SD card download program

Many devices also support downloading programs from SD cards.The program can write the SD card in advance, and then insert the SD card into the device. The device will automatically read and run the program in the SD card.

Reserve download program

Some embedded systems have built -in storage, such as EEPROM and Flash memory.The program can be written into the memory in advance, and then the device reads and runs the program when starting.

Parallel interface download program

Some devices also support parallel interface download programs.This interface is usually composed of multiple signal pins, which can send programs to the target device.



In addition to using FPGA chips, there are many other ways to download programs.Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, so when choosing the method of downloading the program, the specific situation of the equipment needs to be taken into account.

Important view:

When designing an embedded system, it is important to choose the appropriate program download method.Using different download methods can achieve better flexibility and functions.