Ziguang Guowei FPGA Aerospace Chip

March 9, 2024
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The application of Ziguang Guowei FPGA chip in the field of aerospace

1. What is FPGA chip

FPGA is the abbreviation of the Field Programmable Gate Array. The literal translation is the on -site programming door array.It is a programmable logic chip that can realize the logical function in digital circuits and is usually used in digital circuit design.Unlike ordinary fixed logic circuits, the programmable door circuit in the FPGA chip can be modified at any time.Therefore, in the process of digital circuit development, FPGA can provide very flexible design solutions, gradually adjust and iterate quickly.

2. The application of FPGA chip in the field of aerospace

Cyclone IV FPGA

FPGA chips are widely used in the aerospace field due to their flexible and programmable characteristics.The aerospace electronic system often accepts the effects of external factors such as radiation, temperature, and electromagnetic interference. FPGA chips have very good anti -interference ability and reliability in this environment.In addition, due to the extremely high calculation speed and flexibility of FPGA, the space electronics system can also meet the needs of complex and multi -tasking computing and processing.

3. Features of Ziguang Guowei FPGA chip

Ziguang Guowei is an integrated circuit company in China, focusing on chip design and manufacturing.Its FPGA chip has the following characteristics:

The programm can be modified after the circuit manufacturing is completed, and the flexibility is high;

Adopting advanced 7nm processes, which has the characteristics of high performance and low power consumption;

It has the characteristics of strong environmental adaptability, anti -radiation, temperature resistance, etc., which is suitable for applications in the field of aerospace;

Compatible with a variety of development tools, which is convenient for developers.

4. The application of Ziguang Guowei FPGA chip in Tiangong No. 2

In 2016, China launched the Tiangong II Space Lab, which is a important aerospace task.In the electronic system of Tiangong No. 2, the Ziguang Guowei FPGA chip is widely used.Its main role is to handle control, navigation and remote sensing measurement data, coordinate the tasks of each system to ensure the normal operation of the entire space laboratory.


5. Application of Ziguang Guowei FPGA chip in the Chang’e -4 mission

In 2018, the Chang’e -4 detector successfully landed on the back of the moon.In this task with extremely high technical difficulty, the Ziguang Guowei FPGA chip has also played an important role.It is mainly responsible for processing data. The image signal shot by infrared imaging instrument is converted into a digital signal through signal conversion, and passed to other electronic system processing of Chang’e 4.

6. The application of FPGA chip in the field of satellite communication

Satellite communication is a very important area in the field of aerospace, which involves large -area, high -speed data transmission and processing.The FPGA chip has been widely used in satellite communication because of its efficient and flexible characteristics.Through the hardware programming of FPGA chips, linear, non -linear digital signal processing, symbol reproduction and other processing technologies can greatly improve the performance and signal quality of satellite communication systems.

7. Application of Ziguang Guowei FPGA chip in the field of satellite communication

Ziguang Guowei’s FPGA chip is also applied in the field of satellite communication.In 2018, the high -speed data transitide satellite jointly studied by Ziguang Guowei and China Telecom uses Ziguang Guowei’s FPGA chip as a processor of its multimedia communication subsystem.The Ziguang Guowei FPGA chip transmits the high -definition video signal on the earth through signal processing, format conversion, data compression and other technologies to high -altitude satellites.

8. How to improve the reliability of the FPGA chip

The FPGA chip needs to bear a harsh external environment in the aerospace field, so its reliability is crucial.In order to improve the reliability of the FPGA chip, several aspects need to be done:

Adopt special radiation protection technology to prevent external radiation interference;

During the chip design process, technologies such as redundant design, backup circuits are used to enhance the self -repair ability of the chip;

During the production process, the necessary testing and verification of the FPGA chip is required to ensure that it meets quality standards.


9. The innovation and development of Ziguang Guowei faces the aerospace field

Ziguang Guowei will continue to study the technical needs of the aerospace field and strengthen the application and innovation of FPGA chips in the aerospace field.In the future, Ziguang Guowei’s FPGA chip will continue to expand the application of satellite communication, navigation, remote sensing, and detection, and make greater contributions to ensure the development of the national aerospace industry.

10. Viewpoint

The application of FPGA chips in the field of aerospace has a wide range of prospects. Ziguang Guowei’s FPGA technology has high performance and reliability, which is expected to become an important support for digital circuit design in the field of aerospace.