Ziguang Tongchuang 28nm FPGA chip

March 29, 2024
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Ziguang Tongchuang 28nm FPGA chip


With the increasing development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, FPGA (programmable logic chip) is increasingly valued by the industry.In recent years, Ziguang has created a leading domestic semiconductor company and launched a 28nm FPGA chip, which has been favored in the market.

Manufacturing process

Spartan-7 FPGA

The 28nm process uses TSMC’s 28nm HPC+, which is a high -power and high -performance process. It is suitable for manufacturing of chips such as FPGA, graphics processor (GPU) and network processors.This process uses low -pressure and low power consumption technology, which can greatly reduce power consumption and heat dissipation.


The chip provides the number of logic units (Le) of up to 620K, the maximum dynamic voltage range can reach 0.85V-1.15V, support DDR4 and HBM2 memory, the maximum peak rate can reach 2.4 GBPS, and the maximum I/O bandwidth can reach 64 Gbps.It also supports different protocol controllers and interfaces, as well as embedded processors and DSP modules.

Application scenarios

This chip can be applied to the fields of artificial intelligence, high -performance computing, high -speed storage, etc. Its powerful computing power and data processing speed provides users with more efficient solutions.


In the FPGA chip market, Ziguang’s competitors include Intel’s Stratix chip, Xilinx’s Zynq UltraScale+chip, and Lattice’s Ice40 Ultraplus chip.


product price

The price of the 28nm FPGA chip in the market is relatively high, and the product launched by Ziguang Tongchuang has a certain cost advantage. Compared with other competitors, it is economical and cost -effective.

market expectation

The global FPGA chip market is expanding. It is expected that by 2025, the market size will reach $ 70 billion.With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the demand for FPGA chips will continue to grow, while Ziguang’s 28nm FPGA chip is in the stage of rapid market growth, and the future market prospects are broad.


Future trend

At present, the requirements for FPGA chips such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are getting higher and higher. In the future, the technology of FPGA chips will be more mature, higher in integration, lower power consumption, and stronger performance. At the same time, the market size will continue to expand.

in conclusion

In summary, Ziguang Tongchuang 28nm FPGA chip is made of 28nm process, which has certain advantages in terms of performance, price and market prospects.With the rapid growth of the global FPGA chip market, Ziguang Tongchuang 28nm FPGA chip will have a wider market.