Ziguang Tongchuang FPGA chip evaluation

March 16, 2024
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Ziguang Tongchuang FPGA chip evaluation

1 Introduction

FPGA chip, that is, on -site programmable door array chips, is a chip design solution with high flexibility and low power consumption.In the current high -level information era, the application of FPGA chips is getting widespread attention.This article will conduct a series of evaluations for Ziguang’s FPGA chip, and evaluate its performance from different perspectives.

2. Core parameters

Cyclone IV FPGA

The most important parameters of FPGA chips include: the number of logic units (Le), RAM capacity, clock frequency, etc.Ziguang Tongchuang’s FPGA chip uses a 7nm process, which performs brightly on these key parameters.For example, its ZU19/17/11 model has 1,143/896/531k LE, the maximum RAM capacity is 38.4MB, and the clock frequency can reach 600MHz/500MHz/400MHz.

3. Power saving performance

The power consumption of FPGA chips is one of the important factors restricting its application.Ziguang’s FPGA chip performed quite well in this regard. It has low dynamic power consumption and static power consumption. The maximum power consumption is only 125W. It uses multi -level power supply management technology, which can further save power consumption and ensure the use of chips additional to the use of chips.life.

4. Performance measurement

The performance measurement of the FPGA chip is the most critical of evaluating its actual use value.We found in the actual measurement that Ziguang’s FPGA chip performed well in the fields of high -precision analog circuits, image processing, computer vision and other fields. It can perform as many as hundreds of instructions at the same time, which is extremely fast to achieve flexible and efficient design parallel calculation.


5. Easy to use

The use and design of the FPGA chip are difficult, and the requirements for users are also high.However, Ziguang’s FPGA chip is also considered comprehensive in this regard.It provides friendly development tools, supports a variety of open source software, and has high support in terms of security, reliability, formalization verification, etc., so that engineers can develop and debug more easily.

6. Technical innovation

The core technology of FPGA chips has also achieved rapid development and innovation in recent years.Ziguang Tongchuang’s FPGA chip uses many cutting -edge technologies, such as ultra -long output, high -speed sequence memory technology, AI engine, etc. The use of these technologies has further enhanced its performance and applicable areas.

7. Software integrated

FPGA chips can be used with various existing hardware and software to achieve different application needs.Ziguang Tongchuang’s FPGA chip also has a major breakthrough in this area. In terms of software and hardware integration, it has higher flexibility and can realize more types of complex operations and data acceleration applications.

8. Subsequent development

With the increase of the FPGA chip demand, the future application and development prospects of Ziguang’s FPGA chips are also very broad in future applications and development prospects.In the future, Ziguang Tongchuang is expected to continue to improve its FPGA chip product line and develop more and more advanced design solutions to meet more user needs.


9. Summary

In summary, Ziguang’s FPGA chip has good performance, saving performance and ease of use, and also has the advantages of advanced technological innovation and software and hardware integration. Its application prospects are very broad.As a chip design solution with high flexibility and low power consumption, the FPGA chip provides more innovative space and application scenarios for various fields.

10. Viewpoint

In summary, as the FPGA chip application field is becoming more and more extensive, and Ziguang Tongchuang FPGA chip has good performance, power saving performance and easy use, the author believes that the FPGA chip will become the development of the current information era.One of the focus.