Ziguang Tongchuang FPGA chip No. 1

March 28, 2024
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Ziguang Tongchuang FPGA chip No. 1

1. What is FPGA chip?

FPGA, called Field-Programmable Gate Array, is a flexible programming logic device.Compared with ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit), FPGAs can implement different functions by programming, and ASIC needs to be customized and produced.

2. Ziguang Tongchuang Introduction

Cyclone II FPGA

Ziguang Tongchuang, founded in 2003, is China’s leading semiconductor design company.The company focuses on design areas such as digital, simulation hybrid signals, radio frequency and computer chips, and provides high -quality chips and solutions worldwide.

3. The characteristics of Ziguang Tongchuang FPGA chip

Ziguang’s FPGA chip has the following characteristics:

High integration: Ziguang’s FPGA chip uses the most advanced process process, which has a high degree of integration.

High flexibility: FPGA chips can achieve different functions by programming without customized design and production.

High -performance: Ziguang’s FPGA chip has high performance.

4. The application field of Ziguang Tongchuang FPGA chip

Ziguang Tongchuang’s FPGA chip is widely used in the following fields:

Communication network: Ziguang’s FPGA chip can be used for network switching equipment, router, light -ending machines, etc.

Digital TV: FPGA chips can be used for digital TV set -top boxes, high -definition players, etc.

Medical equipment: FPGA chips can be used for medical imaging equipment, surgical robots, etc.


5. Breakthrough of Ziguang Tongchuang FPGA chip

Ziguang Tongchuang has always maintained the frontiers of technology in the design and manufacturing of FPGA chips.The company’s GFPGA 3 series chip is one of the most advanced FPGA chips in the market.

6. GFPGA 3 series chip performance

GFPGA 3 series chips have the following performance characteristics:

The highest number of doors in the industry: each chip contains more than 16,000 logical units and more than 72,000 LUT (LOOK-UP-Table) units.

High -efficiency DSP performance: High -content -wide (HDL CODING), high -speed digital signal processing circuits (DSP), and professional FPGA design tools are superimposed, making GFPGA 3 among the best performance in the year -on -year field.

Lower power consumption: The GFPGA 3 chip uses advanced process techniques, and the power consumption is low.


7. Application of GFPGA 3 series chips

GFPGA 3 series chips have been widely used in the following areas:

High -speed optical communication: GFPGA 3 series chips can be used for high -speed light communication equipment, such as various types of optical mouth machines, optical transmission equipment, OTN, optical makers, etc.

Financial equipment: GFPGA 3 series chips can be used for encryption and decryption of financial industry equipment.

Software definition edge gateway: GFPGA 3 series chips can be used in the field of software definition networks and marginal gateways.

8. GFPGA 3 series chip economic benefits analysis

For customers, the GFPGA 3 series chips have the following economic benefits:

Reduce development costs: Compared with ASIC, the design and development cost of FPGA is relatively low, which can reduce customer development costs.

Shortening the listing time: The design and development process of the FPGA is relatively short. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product, the customer’s listing time can be shortened.

Improving system performance: GFPGA 3 series chips have high performance. While improving system performance, it can optimize customer operating costs.

9. Summary

The GFPGA 3 series chip is one of the most mature and advanced FPGA chips on the market.In addition to excellent performance, it also has the advantages of high integration, lower power consumption, and lower development costs.Ziguang Tongchuang’s leading position in FPGA chip design and manufacturing has now become one of the world’s leading FPGA manufacturers.

10. Viewpoint

The emergence of the GFPGA 3 series chips marks the Chinese semiconductor industry from followers to leaders, and Ziguang Tongchuang also shows the strength and vitality of Chinese semiconductor enterprises. It is a historic breakthrough for the Chinese semiconductor industry.