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Intel Altera
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Intel Altera Cyclone II FPGA Embedded IC 182 I/O 256FBGA

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Part Number # EP2C8F256I8N is available at DRex. As a leading global distributor of Intel Altera FPGA Chips, DRex has more than 10 years of Semiconductors Integrated Circuits(ICs) industry experience, with customers all over the world. We can quickly help customers with the most competitive price to obtain the manufacturer’s new original chip. Want to get more detailed data (specifications, lead time, quotation, shipping and payment) on EP2C8F256I8N?

Please submit a RFQ on QTY and target price. DRex’s sales experts will respond quickly during working hours. If you need more parts, please go to the REQUEST FOR QUOTE page to upload BOM.

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Alternative Parts M1A3P1000L-1FG256; M1A3P1000L-1FG256I; A3PE3000L-FGG256; A3PE3000L-1FGG256;
Estimated EOL Date 2026
Country of Origin Malaysia, Republic of Korea
Introduction Date 38139
Family Name EP2C8
Quantity per package 90
Supply and Demand Status Balance
Fake Threat In the Open Market 58 pct.
Popularity High
Is this a common-used part? Yes

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